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Serenity Parent Consulting

Parent Coaching for Navigating Challenging Situations

Dr. Elliot Kaminetzky, a child and adolescent psychologist, established Serenity Parent Consulting to address the unique needs of parents who have children experiencing gender distress, questioning their gender identity, or identifying as transgender. We recognize that you might be facing difficult decisions and feel pressured by doctors, teachers, and other parents. If the information you are receiving seems biased or incorrect, it's important to know that your concerns are valid. You're not alone in this journey.

At Serenity Parent Consulting, our goal is to provide a supportive environment where you can access a variety of consultation services. Many parents in your situation feel overwhelmed, unsure, and isolated. We're here to offer a helping hand.

Our services are particularly beneficial for parents who believe their children are not receiving appropriate support from their current medical or mental health providers. If you're feeling powerless or out of control, our parent consultants and coaches are here to help. They offer personalized support and practical guidance, enabling you to confidently handle the various challenges you and your child may encounter, whether at home, school, online, or with their peers. We're dedicated to helping you navigate these complex situations with understanding and care.

We offer

  • 1-1 parent consulting

  • Judgement-free parenting groups

  • Educational Resources

  • Therapist Vetting

  • Online Community (coming soon)

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